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Title: It was Spock.
Rating: R.
Pairing: Nero/Ayel, Spock Prime/Ayel, Ayel/Nu!Spock.
Summary: He thinks Nero might have known what he was doing, though neither the Captain nor the crew knew the real reason why.
Warnings: NonCon, DubCon, Character Death, OC, Angst, very minor fluff.
A.n.: I fudged the details of the movie a bit to fit the story. Saren is my OC.

During the long nights on the Narada, Ayel let Nero fuck him until he bled. On any other ship, with any other crew, He might have been mocked and tormented. Perhaps been known as the captain's whore and killed for using his body to usurp another's position.

But it wasn't another ship and it wasn't another crew. It was the Narada and the crew knew that Ayel did it to protect the crew from the worst of Nero's madness.

He's the one who came on shift limping and tugging his collar to cover the finger shaped bruises. He's the one who used his slender form like the veils of an orion slave girl to draw Nero's anger away from what is left of the crew. To keep them alive and mostly uninjured. He rarely went to medical, though more than once he's had to be carried there after an infection from an untreated injury overwhelmed him.

He thinks Nero might have known what he was doing, though neither the Captain nor the crew knew the real reason why.

It was Spock.

His life had revolved around the Vulcan Ambassador since he was old enough to know what love was. When Ayel reached his majority he courted Spock the way he had dreamed of for years. Spock had eventually come to love him back.

Then Romulus was destroyed and Ayel only survived because he had taken up his brother on his offer to see what outer space looked like from the other end of the telescope. His brother was one of the first ones killed by Nero after they made it to the other side of the black hole.

Nero had seen Ayel and perhaps thought him to be nothing more than a pretty distraction. But Saren had tried to protect Ayel and ended up dieing. Nero took Ayel there in the spreading pool of his brother's blood, not caring that his gaze was locked on Saren's slack face. Afterward Nero made him his first officer.

Something broke inside him at that, and Ayel could feel the madness creeping in. He could no longer stand by and hope everything would be okay. He let his body be used to protect the crew and kept his mind, his heart separate.

So many nights after Nero left him Ayel would dream of the beautiful nights with his lover, and swear to himself that he'd see him again.

Ayel was unconscious when Spock was brought aboard. It's possible that Nero had picked up on his love and desire for him, for as soon as they had a proper tractor beam on him Nero grabbed ayel and dragged him away, fucking him then slamming his head against the wall hard enough to knock him out.

Spock was left on Delta Vega before he awoke.

Later, hours or days or more he didn't know, Ayel saw the younger Spock. His heart broke at how beautiful he was with the blush of youth on his face, the suppressed sparks of emotion causing the color to rise in his cheeks.

The eyes so filled with hate and grief as he does his best to destroy them, the eyes Ayel remembers filled with love and amusement from another older face. He falls in love again.

Ayel doesn't know until later what happened to the Narada. At the first opportunity he had transported himself to the enterprise and hidden himself away in one of the cargo bays.

It's three days before he's found, delirious and screaming. Begging for Nero to stop, for Spock to forgive him, to love him like he used to. He dreams of babies with their eyelids cut off, all of them staring at him with accusing romulan eyes. Nero's eyes.

At one point he feels Spock's touch on his mind, but it's different. There are more sharp edges and it's like Spock doesn't recognize him, doesn't recognize what they share. He pushes all the love he has for Spock down the connection, padding the mind to try and make it warm and comforting like before. Abruptly Spock is gone.

Later he will be told that he was in sickbay for 21 days, that there were 5 separate attempts on his life and that Spock, (young Spock, not his spock, not his at all), was his almost constant companion.

Even later he will see his Spock, valiantly defending him. Spock tells him he loves him, then pushes him away and tells him to woo his younger self. Ayel is hurt but understands why when the press tells of Spock's death from a rare vulcan disease only a few months later.

It took a lot longer to woo the younger Spock than it was to woo the elder. The only thing that seems to help his case at all is what Spock saw and felt for himself and the possessions left for him by his elder self.

All of that lead to here, to lying in his lovers arms and telling him everything he can remember about his life. Feeling him soothe away the pain from everything that happened. He feels the heat of the romulan sun in every touch he's given.

Romulus is alive again in Spock and Ayel.
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